Environmental Efforts


LG was founded on an environmental promise: depart from auto repair the same way hybrids do from regular cars. We were certified SF Clean and Green within three months of opening for business.

For our five year anniversary we pursued a more rigorous standard, becoming the world's first B Corp Certified auto repair shop. Today we serve our community locally, nationally, and globally.

As part of our continuing B-Corporation Certification status, we've prepared our 2016/2017 Annual Benefit Report [Download PDF]

Renewable Energy

We compliment strict energy conservation with a 2.8kW solar array. Half of the panels date back to our old location, installed within the first year of business. Despite current operations—two shifts spanning 16 hours a day—our average electricity bill is $172/month.

Water Conservation

85% of San Francisco's water comes from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir; to conserve this precious resource, LG relies on a 3000 gallon tank that "harvests" rainwater from the roof. The toilet, laundry machine, and spigots are fed from the rain barrel; only two sinks (in the bathroom and kitchen) are hooked directly to city water (for potable uses).

We reclaim the grey water from laundry to water the plants.


Skylights and windows provide ample natural light; thoughtful task lighting aids in shadow and night hours. High-efficiency fixtures are controlled through light sensors (to turn off when sunlight is sufficient). Our floor is densified concrete, not an epoxy surface, dramatically reducing VOCs, particulate matter, and maintenance. Other building materials are recycled and non-toxic.

Shop Supplies

All of our oil services come with re-refined or petroleum-free lubricants. We brew our own windshield wash, and keep the floor and ourselves clean to eliminate the need for paper mats or seat covers. Aerosols are strongly avoided; instead of "brake clean" we use pure acetone, purchased in bulk, in a recyclable metal container, applied topically (with rags) rather than spray.


We buy and maintain only energy-efficient appliances, purchasing second-hand when possible. Most of our shop equipment (lifts, tools, bins, shelves, you name it) is purchased second hand; our hot water parts washer is plugged in only on the rare occasion we need it. We bias towards electric tools in lieu of pneumatics; they are charged by solar, more efficient, and quieter. For filling tires and the occasional stubborn fastener, we have a high-efficiency air compressor.

Need some juice? Level 2 EV charging available at every service bay and via PlugShare.

Every Day

Our online, paperless administration Shop-Ware—custom built by LG, first of its kind for the industry—eliminates piles of paper and toner. Other green businesses get favored nation status (from New Resource Bank to Green Postcards). We bias purchases locally and in bulk, and recycle nearly everything—all fluids, metal, packaging, and parts—working with suppliers towards a zero-waste goal.

Last but not least, we replace only what a car needs.

"...this is an ambitious and courageous undertaking in the business we are in. Congratulations. Luscious Garage continues to set the bar for us."

- Eric Sumpter, Owner, Mile Hybrid Auto (via Facebook)

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