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5k/10k Maintenance

160 5k | 177 10k

“The Vitals”

If your car is due for service, the oil needs to be changed. But it takes a lot more than oil to get down the road. The Vitals is a holistic approach to regular maintenance: a close and careful eye to the entirety of the machine while performing the factory recommended services along the way.


Something’s Wrong


Is a warning light on? Hearing a noise? Experiencing a smell or leak? We charge a flat fee to make an initial assessment and plan for repair. (If the fix is readily apparent, the fee is often reduced or waived.) Pick a time for us to take a look and tell us what is going on in the field provided.

Something’s wrong?
Are you flexible?

Leave your car with us in the AM. When a technician becomes available (promised within 48 hours) we’ll diagnose your car’s issue and be in touch with an update!


Headlight Out

55 incandescent (134 HID)

Prius do go through headlights; we’re happy to replace them quickly and reasonably. Book a 30 minute slot and we will get you back on the road promptly. We stock name brand parts for all generations, backed by a one year warranty. Prices include labor and tax.

Need something else?

If your Prius needs something not listed above, or you need service on a different car, please tell us about it and we’ll be in touch ASAP