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Catalytic Converter Theft Deterrent

Catalytic converters are being stolen all over the Bay Area.
Thieves are specifically targeting Prius of all years and models.

We highly recommended installing a theft deterrent plate. Although this is a not a guarantee against theft or vandalism, it is the best option to protect your Prius from needing a repair that starts at $3000.

Book an appointment to have one installed while you wait.


Install Theft Deterrent

Makes your cat harder to steal.


Vandalism Inspection

Suspect Catalytic Converter theft?


Routine Maintenance


If your Hybrid or EV is due for routine service, we can help. Our service is a holistic approach to regular maintenance: a close and careful eye to the entirety of the machine while performing the factory recommended services along the way.


Something’s Wrong


Is a warning light on? Hearing a noise? Experiencing a smell or leak? We charge a flat fee to make an initial assessment and plan for repair. (If the fix is readily apparent, the fee is often reduced or waived.) Pick a time for us to take a look and tell us what is going on in the field provided.


Multiple Items

Have a few things that need attention?

Does your vehicle have several items that you would like us to take care of? If you have multiple concerns, book an appointment with us and include notes in the field provided on what items need attention.