Recovery Special: $70 Oil Change and Tire Rotation

The “Recovery Special” includes:

Changing the oil
Replacing the drain plug gasket
Replacing the oil filter
Tire rotation, if necessary
Checking the tire pressure, and filling as necessary
Maintenance reminder reset
Master Technician eyes looking at the machine (insert comprehensive list of automobile systems) as he/she performs said duties
Confidence in knowing all these things were performed, and performed properly
Direct contact with your technician
Green facility and service practices
Online, paperless records
Honesty and attention, without sales pressure

Total: $70


Not available on weekends/Mondays (unless you have a hangover)
Loaner/rides not included
No free bulbs, diagnostics, favors etc.
Translation: if you want the full Luscious, get “The Vitals”!

Any references to pricing of parts, labor, or estimates of any kind were accurate at time of publication. Please contact us for updated pricing.

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