There are hybrid cults.  Witness the second annual Hybrid Fest recently held in Madison, Wisconsin.  Or the EAA-PHEV maniacs hyperactive over the Prius annoucement (read and/or join the frenzy here).  But the mother of all hybrid enthusiasm is PriusChat, established shortly after the debut of the Gen 2 Prius, rich with “Senior” Prius Posters, photo’s of Prius’s (or Prii, if you like), and—blessed be the internet—individual opinions.  (Strangely I find cats are the only thing featured on the site as often as the car.) 

I have been watching this site for years but only joined yesterday.  I did a brief search on it’s history only to find this article from Toyota’s “Open Road Blog” specifically on PriusChat.  My favorite feature is the Prius Accessory Shop, with which I intend to spend some major time.  We need to make these items available to LG customers. Ok, and maybe the shop car needs a cargo liner mat…

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