Our Fifteen Minutes

This article hit Wired.com early this morning (2am):

Blue Collar Goes Green – Hybrid Only Repair Shop Opens in San Francisco

Russell Frost kindly reposted it at a wakening hour (7:29am):

the prius owners group homepage

Then a kind soul was nice enough to point out this reverberation at SFist.com:

New Auto Shop Takes Green Pretty Seriously

Curious on what else I missed, I consulted Google and found GreenHybrid’s thread:

Hybrid only Mechanic

Newser.com picked it up this afternoon:

Little Shop of Hybrids

A phone call came in a bit later from Jeanie Lynch at KGO Radio.  After a whirlwind impromtu interview, I’m told the story will go out “repeatedly” tomorrow during morning drivetime (5-9). I’ll be setting my alarm.

By dinner the grapevine reached AutoblogGreen:

Luscious Garage, a hybrids-only car repair shop, opens in Bay Area

Matt Wright emailed at 9:40pm, pointing to autorepair.about.com:

The Green Goddess of Car Repair

Eco-Justice blog, authored by the Northeast Chapters of Interfaith Power and Light, followed close behind:

Auto Repair Goes Green

Green Car Congress put in a brief first thing on Friday:

Hybrid Specialist Garage Opens in San Francisco

Edmunds joined at 4am:

Hybrid-only repair shop opens in the Bay Area

Another checkup on Google turned up GoodCleanTech:

First Hybrid Repair Garage Opens in San Francisco

To be continued…?

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