Gen 2 Prius Leaking Water Pump

imageSecond generation Prius have four water pumps, three electric and one mechanical.  The mechanical pump is much like those on conventional four-cylinder engines: it is belt driven and bolted on with a handful of 10mm fasteners.  Like regular cars, it also has the potential to leak.  Initial signs are a pink crust under the weep hole; coolant residue eventually spreads around the shaft seal and down the front of the engine.  We’ve never seen them bad enough to cause enough coolant loss to overheat the engine but there’s no question that the pump should be replaced.  The good news is that the repair is straightforward and reasonably priced. Book time is just short of two hours, we charge an hour and a half.

imageEngine Mechanical Water Pump = $103.89
Toyota P/N 16100-29156-83
1.5 Gallons Super Long Life Coolant = $30.00
Sales Tax = $11.38
Labor = $180

Total = $325.27

Any references to pricing of parts, labor, or estimates of any kind were accurate at time of publication. Please contact us for updated pricing.

One thought on “Gen 2 Prius Leaking Water Pump

  1. Hi, this is going to sound strange, but bear with me… 2008 Prius II with 150K miles on the clock. Yesterday went to renew the engine coolant (not the inverter coolant) and was confused when I found there was no Cooland Heat Storage (CHS) system in the circuit. When I bought that car, the PO talked about an accident to the front left part of the car, behind the fender. I guess they didn’t replace the CHS, to be cheap. Here’s my question – does it matter? Probably not, since I’ve driven 120K miles like this. There are no error codes, coolant temp is correct whilst running (80 C to 85 C).
    Maybe just the engine is taking longer to warm up afer cold start?
    Thanks for any insight you may have.

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