Disregard Google Maps: LG only on 9th St

Ah, the joys of the internet!  It was a miracle to get Google to recognize a new address at all, let alone over the weekend of our move.  I screeched with delight, running around the chaos of packed oil filters with my hands outstreched giving the victory sign!  But Clementina was always a street of tenacity, and our old listing has risen from the flotsam of discarded information. 

In the meantime, as l clean up the various source pages pointing to the old address (which have caused the GoogleBot to think we have two locations) please disregard the Clementina listing.  It is a lovely building, but no longer luscious. 


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Any references to pricing of parts, labor, or estimates of any kind were accurate at time of publication. Please contact us for updated pricing.

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