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Above all, cars are personal, and hybrids are no exception. Some are satisfied with a bumper sticker and some riff-raff about the interior; imageothers think of “stock” as a starting line from which to speed away.

Since their inception, tuners and chippers have “hacked” the hybrid for increased energy efficiency, engine performance, and technicial features. Through our own research and inspriation from other enthusiasts, Luscious Garage cultivates a menu of the most exciting modifications for hybrid vehicles.  Our suppliers include: Toyota Racing Development (JDM), Sigma Automotive, Coastal E-Tech, Juiced Hybrid, Hybrid Interfaces, Genesis One, Plug-In Conversions Corporation, and many many more.

The following is a list of a FEW of our most popular mods and hacks.  We are constantly seeking new ideas and have done much more that what’s listed; it is very hard to stay on top of all the new products.  We can order and install anything from the above listed suppliers.  Do not hesitate to contact us with special requests, questions, or ideas.


Turn off the beeps!

Turn off the noises from the Multi-Function Screen, Navigation interface, Reverse, and Seatbelts. 

Available on Toyota hybrid models

Time: 15 minutes
Price: Always on the house

Customize Smart Key and Fob behaviors

Adjust door unlock sequence according to fob commands.  Customize warning, lights, and beeping behaviors. 

Available on Toyota hybrid models

Time: 15 minutes
Price: Always on the house

EV Mode Activation

The Gen 2 Prius sold in Europe and Japan comes with a factory EV button to command the engine off under certain conditions.  North American models retain the software, just not the circuitry.  JDM (Japan Domestic Market) sells the original button and wiring harness.  Coastal E-Tech has their own approach via the Cruise Control switch. 

Read more about EV Mode mods

Available on the 04+ Toyota Prius

Original Button:

Time: 75 minutes
Price: $235

Via Cruise Control Switch:

Time: 45 minutes
Price: $170

Rear View Camera Anytime

Activate Rear View Camera regardless of whether vehicle is in reverse.  This hack courtesy of Darell the “EV Nut”, LG adds an aftermarket switch (momentary or permanent, your choice) and some basic circuitry to activate rear camera view at driver’s whim.

Read more about Anytime Reverse View

Available on Gen 2 Prius with backup camera

Time: 60 minutes
Price: $150

Cigarette Lighter always hot

Inexpensive mod that activates cig lighter regardless of key mode.  This is especially valuable when combined with solar trickle charger to maintain 12V battery over long absences.  Email for solar charger information.

Read more on Prius Power Outlet Mod

Available on Gen 2 Prius

Time: 15 minutes
Price: $71

Basic Nav Lockpick

Coastal E-Tech’s piéce de résistance, the Toyota Navigation Lockpick allows vehicle occupants to input POI info and retrieve navigation DVD data while the vehicle is moving. The device also automatically presses the “I Agree” prompt for you. 

Read more about the basic Nav Lockpick

Available for Gen 2 Prius and 2006 Highlander Hybrids, as well as most non-hybrid Toyota navigation systems.

Time: 15 minutes
Price: $180 (includes lockpick (hardware and shipping), installation, and demo)

“Blue” Lockpick

The basic Nav Lockpick plus Bluetooth functions while the vehicle is moving.

Read more about the Blue Lockpick, via Coastal ETech

Available on early Gen 2 Prius, 04-05

Time: 15 minutes
Price: $235 (includes lockpick (hardware and shipping), installation, and demo)

Ultimate Lockpick

Fully “unlocks” multifunction screen to allow other AV inputs, including iPods or external DVD players.  Kit provides a standard RCA jack to connect whatever device into dashboard screen.

Available on all Gen 2 Prius, 2006 Highlander Hybrid, 2006 Lexus 400h, as well as many non-hybrid Toyota’s with navigation systems

Time: 1 hour
Price: $400 (includes lockpick (hardware and shipping), installation, and demo)

CAN View Installation (using stock screen)

Are you totally obsessed with the technology onboard your Prius?  Are you hungry for more information beyond the standard displays?  Then you need CAN View, the brainchild of Norm (Eflier), a streamlined alternative to a factory scan tool that is far easier to use.  This product will deepen your understanding of the Prius beyond all-but-the-best automotive technicians and engineers.

Read more about CAN View

Available on 04-05 Prius (later models see below)

Time: 1.5 hour
Price: $750

CAN View Installation (external screen)

Nearly identical features as above but using a separate touch-screen installed in the dash.  LG prefers Lilliput screens (approximately $300 per unit) wired through the driver’s defrost vent and behind the dash (very clean), other screen locations are possible.  Dedicated screen also allows earlier Prius users to view Navigation interface and CAN View simultaneously.

Available on all Gen 2 Prius

Time: 2.5 hours
Total: $1000

Garmin Aftermarket Navigation System

For those who passed on the factory nav, we suggest the Garmin Nuvi 360, vouched for by one of our regular customers.  Besides navigation support in an intuitive interface, the device is Bluetooth enabled and can mount nicely on the dashboard. 

Read more about the Garmin Nuvi 360

Available on all hybrid models

Time: 30 minutes
Price: $680

**Nuvi’s are not currently in stock.  Contact us with orders and we will notify when product arrives.**


Body Moldings

Exterior trim that matches factory paint and saves it from scratches and dings.

Read more about Prius Body Mouldings

Available for Gen 2 Prius

Installation only:

Time: 30 minutes
Total: $60

Parts and Installation:

Time: 30 minutes
Total: $250

Custom Appearance

To to further customize the looks of the Gen 2 Prius, SF’s ubiquitous car, we recommend Sigma Automotive for Japanese kits and merchandise.  We can also order and install anything from this website; contact us and items will be in stock within 3 weeks.

Available on Gen 2 Prius

Dashboard Padding

Hybrid owners are occasionally haunted by noises behind the dash.  Rattle hunters, we arm ourselves with foam adhesive, tape, and padding.  Visible interior remains original and unmarred.

Available on all models

Time: 60 minutes per concern
Total: $120/hour

Interior Disassembly

Many owners have asked us to disassemble the dashboard and/or interior so they could better access the components they intend to hack themselves.  We can disassemble any interior and instruct on how to repeat the process yourself.

Available on all models

Time: 60 minutes
Total: $120


Updated Springs for increased load

The rear suspension on the Gen 2 Prius is prone to hydraulic leaks and sagging under load.  This is especially troubling for plug-in conversions, when the rear cargo area holds heavy batteries.  We partnered with Valley Spring Works of Dixon, CA, to fabricate updated springs that could handle custom weights while maintaining factory suspension appearance and geometry.   

Watch LG’s Video on updating Prius rear suspension

Available on Gen 2 Prius

Time: 3 hours
Price: $690

Prius Performance Suspension, TRD Sportivo

Stock suspension on the Gen 2 Prius is about as sporty as the 1985 Taurus Wagon.  Toyota of Japan offers an apology called Sportivo Suspension, and it is a major improvement.  Newly responsive handling and lowered ride height come with the piece of mind of a factory direct-fit kit.

Available on Gen 2 Prius (except Touring models)

Time: 3 hours
Price: $1460

**Sportivo installs require 3 weeks advance notice.  Contact us with orders and we will notify when product arrives.**

High Voltage Projects

Plug-In Conversions

Luscious Garage is proud to offer conversions from Plug-In Conversions of Poway, CA.  Click here for more information:

PICC Certified Prius Plug-In Installer

Plug-in conversions are a major investment.  Serious inqueries contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Demonstrations available by appointment


Short for “Manual Integrated Motor Assist”, mIMA allows manual control of electric motor input through joystick installed in the center console.  Kits are hand built by Mike Dabrowski of Genesis One, visit his website to get on his waiting list (he requires 10 orders to build a batch) or contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Available on all Honda Insights

Time: 4-6 hours
Price: $1325-$1500

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