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The term “maintenance” is often confused with “oil change.” They are not the same thing. Maintaining a car is keeping it new: as reliable and green as the day it was imagepurchased, and protected under warranty. True maintenance requires factory parts and fluids, OE specified procedures, and an informed and attentive technician.

Luscious Garage truly maintains vehicles. We use OE parts and fluids and follow prescribed service schedules. Most importantly, as hybrid specialists we are most familiar with cutting-edge technology & its distinct needs and potential weaknesses. We are also passionate in our work; however routine, we exercise due diligence on every job.

The Vitals

Our primary maintenance service, appropriately called “The Vitals”, covers the factory recommended “minor” service for all hybrids currently on the road. (For non-hybrids, we will skip the inspection of high voltage wiring and “idle off” faculties.) Due every six months or so, we perform the following:

Confirm proper operation of instruments and warning lights
Confirm engine start-up and idle off faculties
Check exterior lights and wipers
Perform complete visual inspection of engine compartment (belts, hoses, wiring, throttle body, fluid levels and condition)
Top off fluids as necessary
Perform complete visual inspection of undercarriage (seals, cooling systems, suspension, powertrain, HV wiring, fuel supply system, exhaust)
Drain engine oil, replace oil filter and drain plug gasket
Check tires, rotate if necessary, adjust pressures to specification (including spare)
Perform complete 4-wheel brake inspection (linings, surfaces, hoses, hydraulics) and adjust parking brake
Fill with manufacturer specified engine oil and quantity
Reset Maintenance Required Light (where applicable)
Wipe down mirrors, instrument panels, and console

Time: 45 minutes
Price: $110

The Vitals is available to all cars, hybrid or no, for the same price.  For EV maintenance we offer a half-hour safety inspection for $60. 

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Major Maintenance

At milestone mileages, all cars are due for “major” maintenance services (30k, 60k, etc.). The services and cost depend on the model and mileage interval. Because there are so many variations, we only provide hybrid-specific maintenance descriptions online.  For more information on EV and non-hybrid services, simply shoot us an email or call the shop (415-875-9030).


Our published prices are currently being switched to a dynamic estimate-builder, where customers can interact with our online service software (Hyspace).  This should post here shortly.  In the meantime we can provide an estimate via email or by phone (415-875-9030).  Thank you for your patience.

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