Gen 2 Prius HV Battery Replacement P0A80

For 2004-2009 Prius, the HV Battery warranty is 10 years/150,000 miles (whichever occurs first).  For those outside of warranty, we have two recommendations for replacement: used or new.  Rebuilt batteries are available, but based on our experience with first generation Prius battery rebuilding, we do not recommend them.


Used HV Battery = $1200
(as of this post 4/24/12)
Installation = $240
HV Battery Fan Cleaning = $60

Total with tax = $1602

Used Gen 2 batteries in stock at all times (high turnover thanks to our taxi service).

New HV Battery (Toyota PN G9510-47031) = $2588.67
(price as of this post, 4/24/12)
Installation = $360
(includes additional hour to transfer internal battery components)
HV Battery Fan Cleaning = $60

Total with tax =$3229

Available within 24 hours from our local Toyota parts department.

Read more long winded discussion of Gen 2 Prius battery failure here…

Album of a recent HV battery replacement via Facebook


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