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Thursday, September 06, 2012

5 Year Anniversary Party!

imagePlease join us in celebrating 5 years of Luscious Garage!

Saturday, September 15th, 4pm-8pm
At Luscious Garage (where else?)
475 9th St, San Francisco

Food, drinks, and good times!

Five years!  Some of you readers will remember our old shop—so small, so full of promise and idealism—and we want you to be inspired to join us on this happy occasion.  Your support is why we are still here to celebrate!  But what of all the folks—far more numerous—only familiar with our current and impressive incarnation, which continues to grow?  You are just as much a part of our success.

If you are a fan of Luscious Garage, please help us celebrate this happy occasion!  It will be a shop buster!  Everyone welcome!

I have started a series of albums chronicling the history of the shop on Facebook (their album UI is the best).

Hanging the sign on Clementina, Summer 2007:


The original shop, on Clementina, photographed May 2009 by the SF Chronicle:


The shop sign on 9th St, painted by New Bohemia Signs, April 2010:


The shop frontage finished, sometime 2010:


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Thursday, May 03, 2012

LG begins B Corp certification process

Certified B Corporations are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. 

imageLG began the certification effort today, with help from Ryan of Honeyman Sustainability Consulting, completing our first Impact Assessment.  We scored 63 points (see results below) which is a remarkable baseline.  The minimum to certify is 80 points, already putting us close based on our current business practices.

The next step is reviewing the areas ripe for improvement. The lowest hanging fruit will be documentation, tracking, and setting goals, getting away from the casual approach we’ve taken until now.  This is the merit (and inherent rigor) of B Corp certification: it forces a business to formalize its positive efforts.

Our first goal is to reach 80 points on the Assessment, and receive the certification, in honor of our 5 year anniversary (celebration set for September 15th of this year).

More on B Corps:  bcorporation.net
Watch Jay Coen Gilbert’s TED talk: On better business

B Corp IA Score

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Grand Opening Party!  Saturday June 12th

Come celebrate Luscious Garage at our AWESOME new location!

Saturday, June 12th, 4-8pm
Link to map of 475 9th St

Meet the dedicated individuals who made this move possible!  Mingle with our rad customers!  Share a cold local beer with the all the friends and family of Luscious!

No RSVPs necessary; bring anyone you like; bring anything you’d like to share; LG to provide food, bevvies, and good times galore.

Highlights from the last few months:

475 pre Luscious








Scissor lift arrives (our resident battery electric vehicle); John takes the first trip and snaps a pic of Carolyn:


Improvements begin! 

The floor is resurfaced and treated (non-toxic materials):


Bathroom wall moved and sink replaced for ADA:


Wall to waiting room replaced, glass donated by Justin Majors of Cardea Building, doors (not shown) courtesy of Craigslist:


Françoise and Justin of Cardea Building Co.:


KLM Utilities in the midst of electrical overhaul:


Alberto paints as we deliberate over which color blue to paint the “bulkhead”:


Todd Girish “The Concrete Kid” frames the most beautiful concrete pillow for our in-ground lift:


New Bohemia Signs starts updating the landscape on 9th street:


Darren of New Bohemia makes it real:


Rainwater harvesting barrel arrives from Scott’s Tanks, Willits, CA:


A big luscious cylinder of possibility:


John and Ioanna pack up Clementina, moving weekend:


Fuck SUVs; the luscious-mobile handles heavy miscellaneous:


Sunny and Hans from K&L Equipment move the things the Prius can’t fit:


Booting up on 9th Street, our regulars find us:


Little jobs abound: John and Zach “The Bernal Burly Man” hang the leaf sign:


Repairs underway; John replaces MG2 on a gen 1 Prius:


Team LG in the gorgeous space. John, Gregory (our new addition), and Carolyn:


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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grand indeed


My love and gratitude to the attendees of our grand opening party last Saturday.  We counted over a hundred people—many friends, neighbors, and colleagues—each of whom has played a role in making LG possible.  My thanks to Javier Manrique for his artwork and Phil Deal for his “sonic wallpaper”; we are fortunate to have such talented, mature artists supporting our young business.  Javier’s work will remain on display through the fall.

Thanks again to those mentioned in my speech—Tami’s sister Heather, for flying from Manhattan to help; Sara Guren, Bow Beeman, and Aparna Bole, old friends who made the trip from Cleveland; Dave Berry, our skillful real estate agent; Norman and Floriana Petersen, the landlords who took a risk with us; Abraham Zavala, our genius architect; Alberto Gonzolez, the reason our building is in such good shape; Pacific Automotive Company, for their parts and also for granting our first credit account; Golden Gate Petroleum, supplier of “green” oil, fuels, and solvents; Evergreen Environmental, our waste management provider, for their commitment to recycling; Barry Zupan of K&L Automotive for his patience and attention; Mike Argo, who sold us most of our second-hand equipment; Richochet Consignment, for our second-hand furniture; craigslist, our source for plants, furniture, electronics, and everything else we’ve collected second-hand; Murat Wahab, our fabulous banker at Wells Fargo Haight St (the first bank in SF to be recognized as a green business); Jean Nelsen, our capable accountant; Maria Do Céu, my mentor and former boss from Out West Garage; Jack Rosebro of Perfect Sky Hybrid Training, for his technical expertise, general advise at all hours, and consulting on sustainability; Paul Cowden of Cowden’s Automotive and Pat Cadam of Pat’s Garage for their advise; Cobra Creative, our total source for web and brand work; Chuck Sanger, designer of our first poster; the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association for allowing us to host their meetings; Calcars’ Felix, Randy, and Ron for their enthusiasm and allowing us to host their most recent conversion; Cindy Choi of OEMTek and Rob Protheroe of Plug-in Supply for working towards our goal to have a plug-in kit available by the first of the year; SF Green Cab for choosing us for their fleet account; Dane Golden for his recent article for Wired.com; Jamie Lynch of KGO for the recent interview; The Heather Gold Show, for choosing us as their latest venue; and last, my dear Tami for her passion, creativity, and love.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Who: Me, You, and Everyone We Know

What: Luscious Garage **GRAND OPENING PARTY**

When: Saturday, September 15th, 6-10pm

Where: Where else?  459 Clementina, San Francisco

Drinks, snacks, and happiness provided.

Back in the spring, before we had a space (or knew we would ever find one), I came across a commercial unit on Howard St—ground floor, cross street Seventh (I believe) right next to a gas station.  It was a little big (6000 sf) and correspondingly expensive, but it was recently remodeled and clean, and it had neat skylights along the back wall.  I thought, of all the property thus far, this is the best.  This is doable. 

I did a lot of driving during that period (I’m sorry to admit), putting five thousand miles on a brand new Prius in the span of a few months.  Half of those miles were spent cruising the streets of SOMA, trying to go as slowly as possible without eliciting honks (I find that it’s easy to pass as well-meaning but distracted in a Prius) while simultaneously manifesting “For Rent” signs.  I called on so many signs—repeatedly, I’m sure, as I would forget who I’d already contacted—that I think I spoke to every commercial agent in the city. “Oh yeah, you’re the one with the hybrid shop,” was a common response.

Anyway, I watched the space on Howard lay vacant for a week or two, and then BAM!—it was full of furniture with a huge, flourescent banner out front, announcing “GRAND OPENING!” 

I thought, “now that’s a quick turnaround.” 

imageLuscious Garage has not emerged so quickly.  We signed the lease on May 10th, after much nail-biting over our landlords (strangers at the time) and then the city planning department. Destruction preceded construction, followed by equipment decisions, coordination, and purchases.  Contractors, inspectors, accounts, meetings, paperwork, sleepless nights.  Let’s just say that auto service is not furniture.

The greatest news is that we have completed the start-up process.  We secured our permits in early August and have been tidying up the details—on the website and on Clementina—over the last couple weeks.  While there remains a great deal to do, we are ready for our customers and the public beyond. 

All of this leads me, with great pleasure, to host our own grand opening party.  There may not be a banner, but the emotional state is flourescent for sure.  The Evite is out but everyone is welcome.  You too reader!  Luscious Garage lives, and it’s time to celebrate!

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