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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nissan Leaf tires in stock - Ecopia EP422 205/55R16

In support of the Nissan Leaf, Luscious Garage now stocks the OE tire Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 (205/55R16). 

Price breakdown:

Tire: $145.31
Mount/Balance: $20.00
CA Tire Disposal Fee: $5.00

Total with sales tax: $182.66

Based on our experience with Toyota Prius (read the related blog here), Continental ProContact EcoPlus are good alternative for those seeking better traction or increased tread life.  Depending on interest we may stock those in 205/55R16 in the future; for now requests need to be placed in advance (expected delivery within 24 hours).


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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nissan Leaf Maintenance Services

imageLG proudly announces maintenance services for the all electric Nissan Leaf.

Our services follow factory recommendations (for all cars, not just the Leaf) both to keep your car in shape as well as protect New Vehicle Warranty.  Above and beyond these requirements, all LG maintenance inspects other “vitals”: light bulbs, wiper blades, instruments, and other subtleties typically unmentioned in factory maintenance lists and otherwise taken for granted.

Estimates with itemized inspection points, prices, and part numbers are available in PDF form (linked below) for those who want to download and review in more detail.

The Leaf has three service levels:

Every 7500 — The Vitals
45 minutes, $75.00

Every 15,000 — Change brake fluid and cabin air filter (in addition to 7500 mile service)
2 hours, $273.09

Every 120,000 Miles — Change Inverter and Heater Coolant (in addition to 15,000 miles service)
3 hours, $511.63

“A la carte” versions of the Brake Fluid Change and Coolant Change are also available.  The only remaining fluid (unmentioned by Nissan) is in the transmission (called “Gear Reduction Fluid”).  We recommend transmission fluid changes on all cars (unless otherwise specified) at image30,000 intervals, but time (and experience) will inform whether this is too little or too much.  The same goes for the other items (brake fluid, coolant); we can test brake fluid for moisture content to judge Nissan’s recommendations.

As always we respect customer choice above factory prescriptions, and serve to inform customers of their choices.

Prices/PDFs for a la carte services:

Brake Fluid Change
1 hour, $134.43

Inverter and Heater Coolant Change
1 hour, $238.54

Gear Reduction Fluid Change
30 minutes, $80.43

Any questions or to book an appointment, use the contact page.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recovery Special: $70 Oil Change and Tire Rotation

The “Recovery Special” includes:

Changing the oil
Replacing the drain plug gasket
Replacing the oil filter
Tire rotation, if necessary
Checking the tire pressure, and filling as necessary
Maintenance reminder reset
Master Technician eyes looking at the machine (insert comprehensive list of automobile systems) as he/she performs said duties
Confidence in knowing all these things were performed, and performed properly
Direct contact with your technician
Green facility and service practices
Online, paperless records
Honesty and attention, without sales pressure

Total: $70


Not available on weekends/Mondays (unless you have a hangover)
Loaner/rides not included
No free bulbs, diagnostics, favors etc.
Translation: if you want the full Luscious, get “The Vitals”!

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bob Dylan Special: $50 Oil Change

**The Bob Dylan Special has been replaced with our latest cheap oil change deal: The Recovery Special

imageOriginally named the “Depression Special”, our $50 Oil Change has been renamed (in a customer contest) “The times they are a changin’” Special (which I’m editing to the Bob Dylan Special). 

Read the lyrics to Dylan’s timeless tune (via BobDylan.com)

Read the original blog:

Loss leaders are nothing but trouble.  “Too good to be true.” “You get what you pay for.” My poor ear has been a dumping ground for automotive service trauma.  Just last week: an 07 Prius with 30k miles being sold a $300 injector cleaning at the dealer!!!

Don’t even get me started!

That said, times are tough; why make it worse? Do not, DO NOT take risks with your vehicle maintenance.  Let Mama Luscious take care of you.  We don’t manipulate, threaten, pander, or otherwise bullshit.  We’re eternal idealists who want to fix your car.  All we ask is that you accept our altruism and tell your friends…

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Our Happy Customers

It might sound absurd to think of auto repair as being pleasurable (“luscious” if you will) but people really do love coming here.  We mean it when we say we pay as much attention to you as we do to your car and the environment, subscribing to the idea that “do it for me” doesn’t mean “tell it to me.”  The shop is designed to be imagewelcoming, not intimidating or off-putting, to make you feel that you belong here, that you and your garage have the same sensibilities.

Witness our 27 5-star Yelp reviews: Luscious Garage - SOMA via Yelp.com

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Caroline is smart, honest, and the service was great, with little to no sign of male mockery or inadequacy, which I’m used to.  She even saved me some money…”

“I give 5 stars to Luscious Garage not only because a environment responsible car shop is special and deserves it, no also this level of service just blow my mind.”

“This is the Whole Foods of garages. But it’s not to be misconstrued as the ‘Whole Paycheck’.”

“Still loving Luscious one year later.  My blue-state-blue Prius gets treated like its the Hope Diamond.”

“These guys are the best…  enough said!”

Want to experience it yourself?  Click here to book an appointment…

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