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Thursday, September 10, 2009

ART IN THE SHOP: Erica Kremenak “Phenomenology”

imageLG welcomes Erica Kremenak and selections from her series “Phenomenology” beginning September 11th. 

For more on Kremenak and her work, visit ekremenak.com

Join us for a vibrant reception:

Saturday, September 12th
Map to LG

Artist’s Statement:

“I make paintings on canvas using oil bars and paint, dry pigments and washes, brushes and rags.  Often, I invent processes that require touching the surface of the painting with my hands, developing surfaces that contrast repetitive, obsessive, time-consuming procedures with abrupt, accidental moments. The imagery that develops often shifts back and forth between the figurative and abstraction.  Repetitive actions seduce my mind below the surface of thought, where unpremeditated gestures can bring something tangible and meaningful from behind the screen of consciousness out onto the canvas.  Those rare moments in life when the brain scrambles to decode visual input that is not readily interpreted are exciting to me, and I look for ways to reproduce that experience as I work.  Many of my paintings explore color relationships as a kind of emotional sign language.  I enjoy watching colors interact as dramatically as characters in mythology or opera.  Visual interactions between marks and surfaces made with oil paint, dry pigments, and spray paint create complex relationships that I hope will reward patient and persistent examination.”

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ART IN THE SHOP: Patrick Smith “LIFEnearDEATH”

imagePatrick Smith
Portraits from a Hospice
July 7th - August 7th

Join us for the reception:
Saturday, July 11th, 4-7

“This series of portraits shows the faces of patients living in a hospice.  The patients are of many ages, from early forties to late eighties.  They are dying of various illnesses—stroke, congestive heart disease, emphysema, cancer, AIDS, alcoholism, drug addiction—and of simple old age. Most of the people in the portraits are now dead.  A few live on bearing the daily efforts of life.  Some are vividly aware of their condition, some are in dementia or wandering the dreamy labyrinth of final days. Some are on the private, knowing journey through medicated pain.  The portraits are meant to show that life does not surrender itself until the only final moment; and to dream that, in a way, no one dies, because there is no land between life and death.  There is the ultimate heroism, and then the rest.”

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Monday, January 26, 2009

ART IN THE SHOP: Tanya Wischerath

imageLG is honored to host new works by Tanya Wischerath through February 2009.

Join us for the reception:

Sunday, February 1st 6-9p
Booze, snacks, art, and company
Link to a map

“An artist with an eye to the zeitgeist and a hand to the classical, Tanya Wischerath seeks to explain what is timeless about that which surrounds her. This is by no means an obvious aim—not one which will be captured at first glance—rather, aesthetic appeal is only an entry point into a much deeper contemplation on that which makes us human. Which stories shape that identification that is the most personal? What do we adapt from a collective consciousness but name our own for the sake of survival and flourish? Tanya Wischerath’s work explains that which is inexplicable; satisfying the task of a visual artist on fronts both immediate and resonant.”

For more works, visit TSWischerath.com

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ART IN THE SHOP: Monday Wanderings

Monday Wanderings is an exhibit of black and white photographs by Joe Dellert and watercolors by Nancy Buffum. In weekly explorations of San Francisco and beyond, the artist couple has created highly personal versions of local landscapes and landmarks with imagetheir chosen media: Joe, large format black and white film, and Nancy, watercolor on paper. (Pic by Joe Dellert of Carolyn with photo of China Beach)

Joe Dellert studied photography at the San Francisco Art Institute before branching into other creative fields of picture framing, fatherhood and small business ownership. His photographs may also be found at The Artisans (1964 Union Street at Buchanan) and in private collections in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Nancy Buffum is a mixed media artist, teacher and event producer as well as a painter. She produced murals and events and exhibited her artwork in New York’s East Village and Brooklyn in the 1980’s. In residencies at Dorland Arts Colony (southern California, 1989 and 1991) and in recent years, she has focused on watercolor landscapes and drawing, when not occupied with promotion of Humanities West lecture/performances or with family life.

Please join us for a reception with the artists Wednesday, November 19th, from 6-9.


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Sunday, June 15, 2008

All good things come to an end

Closing Reception for Sarah Lyon’s show is Thursday, June 26th.

DJ Violent Vickie will spin tunes and moods, and we will supply the usual booze and good conversation, not to mention gorgeous photographs to store inside your conscience for the rest of your life. 

Gamma next door host Pamela Gentile, in tremendous black and white.

Why not kick off Pride weekend Chez Luscious?  Get a mind-full of brilliance.

Thursday, June 26th, 6pm to ?

Where else?

459 Clementina St

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