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Friday, March 30, 2012

No fooling! April meeting of GG Electric Vehicle Assn this Sunday


The April GGEVA meeting will be held on Sunday, April 1st, 2012 at 11:00 AM, right here at Luscious Garage, 475 9th Street in San Francisco. See
www.ggeva.org for more information.

Activities include:

Presentation by Wendy Epstein of Mission Motorcycles on the new 2012 Zero Electric motorcycles.

Presentation by Carleen Cullen, co-founder of Cool the Earth, describing the climate change education program for K-8 students.  This program includes promoting electric vehicles.

Update on charging station installations in the Bay Area

Chapter Elections

A variety of EVs will be on display.


Everyone welcome!  See you there!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

VIDEO - Gen 2 Prius inverter water pump P0A93

Footage of an inverter water pump replacement; audio mostly repeats info from a previous blog


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Luscious on Facebook

For all you hybrid geeks and LG fans that can’t get enough, check out our FB page:

Luscious Garage on Facebook

Besides connecting with other biz/orgs we support, it’s proven a casual means to post LG news and highlights, versus blog posts which I inevitably expand into day-long writing projects.  A “Repair of the Day” posts nearly every day, with pics, vids, and prices (where applicable).  Naturally we’d love to hear from you as well.

Blog fans, don’t despair; FB will never replace my verbose diatribes and epic tales from the service bay.  That said, now you know where to get a fix between sporadic doses…


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VIDEO - Prius P3125, P3009, P3120 - MG2 repair

I finally took the time to film a stator swap in a Gen 1 Prius (embedded below) to help promote this repair in lieu of total transmission replacement (or abandoning the car).

For more info on Gen 1 transmission problems, see the previous blog:

Gen 1 Prius Transmission Repair, P3009, P3125, P3130

(Info on Gen 2 issues here…)

A couple comments:

1. The “mumbo jumbo” I mention can be found here:


Futher discussion on PriusChat here:

Gen 1 Tranny Service DO IT NOW

2. Re: pricing

Towards the end I mention the price difference between replacing just the stator winding versus the whole unit.  It turns out the price of the entire transmission has gone down some, from $4400 (as of 2008) to $3470 (as of this posting).  (Our original blog quoted $3000 for the transaxle, Part Number 30900-47020, because we were selling it at cost.)  That said the total for the job (at Luscious Garage) would still be roughly $4000.  We’ve seen it quoted above $6000 at various local dealers.  Meantime the stator repair remains $2500, a significant cost savings.


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