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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LG in SF Chronicle

Garage’s hybrid approach to fixing green cars via SFGate.com

My thanks to Brad Berman of HybridCars.com for his kind words.


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Farewell Julia!

Luscious Garage is blessed by an extended community of supporters, local and beyond.  My sincere thanks to Julia Langholt, budding graduate of my alma mater Hawken School, back in Cleveland OH, for her dedicated service as volunteer/intern.  Today she completed her “senior project” exploring small business, green business, hybrid technology, and California culture, to influence her pursuit of mechanical engineering at Ohio State University.  For more on Julia’s experience, check out her blog:

My Luscious Blog via blogspot.com


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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Carolyn speaks at Lincoln High School EV Club

Many thanks to the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association for their ongoing mentorship at Lincoln High School this past year.  Five seniors have refurbished three electric scooters during after-school hours with help from Mark Albers, Secretary of the SFEVA, and other members; the program is lead by Lincoln photography teacher Jack Alter.  I was asked to present on EV battery technology and my experience with both lead acid and nickel metal hydride chemistries in EV applications.  Topics also included hybrid and plug-in hybrid architecture to expand students’ thinking on how to design different EV platforms. 

The afternoon ended with a test drive of their finished Vego scooters (they work great!) and a demo of LG’s plug-in Prius.


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Sunday, May 17, 2009

No we do not service Hummers

April 1st people!  April 1st! 

The real story on Hummers’ impact on the environment, via The Pacific Institute

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