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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bob Dylan Special: $50 Oil Change

**The Bob Dylan Special has been replaced with our latest cheap oil change deal: The Recovery Special

imageOriginally named the “Depression Special”, our $50 Oil Change has been renamed (in a customer contest) “The times they are a changin’” Special (which I’m editing to the Bob Dylan Special). 

Read the lyrics to Dylan’s timeless tune (via BobDylan.com)

Read the original blog:

Loss leaders are nothing but trouble.  “Too good to be true.” “You get what you pay for.” My poor ear has been a dumping ground for automotive service trauma.  Just last week: an 07 Prius with 30k miles being sold a $300 injector cleaning at the dealer!!!

Don’t even get me started!

That said, times are tough; why make it worse? Do not, DO NOT take risks with your vehicle maintenance.  Let Mama Luscious take care of you.  We don’t manipulate, threaten, pander, or otherwise bullshit.  We’re eternal idealists who want to fix your car.  All we ask is that you accept our altruism and tell your friends…

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

LG on AP

Haven stopped by Friday to get my reaction to the mileage tax proposal.  My responses seem pretty slow because I was formulating my response on the spot.  The one quote they didn’t include (which I thought was best) was how the current tax structure focuses solely on the gas tank, and the proposed mileage tax on the road, but what we really need is to consider the car holistically—for its many impacts—from contact patch to antenna, from tank to tailpipe, from passenger to surroundings. 

Note Carolyn is called “Mech Lady” in comments!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

LG TV: The latest EVA meeting

Thanks to Richard Lowenthal for his presentation on Coulomb Technologies and Paul Atkinson for displaying his 65 Daytona Coupe EV.

Hats off to all the EV owners in attendance, including Larry Richards, Tom Lum, and Jim Robinson:




Join us for the next SF EVA meeting, Saturday March 7th, 11-1



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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hybrid Horror Flick

Found this on Green Daily next to a snippet of coverage on LG.  Maybe not as funny as the South Park episode on hybrids, but pretty darn close!  (Note: female mechanic, extra bonus.)

Trailer description:

“Late one night, a mysterious car is brought into the Chicago police impound garage after a deadly traffic accident. The garage’s female mechanic, Tilda, and her young, hip fellow mechanics soon discover the car has a mind of its own: it morphs into different cars to confuse them and instead of needing an engine to run, it breathes. It’s a killing machine that is capable of outrunning and outwitting humans. In a high-octane fight to the death, it’s our group of determined humans versus the car in this supernatural action-adventure in the vein of Stephen King’s Christine and Transformers.”

Green Daily‘s take:

“There’s a new candidate for must-see, environmentally relevant, B-movie of the year, and it features a homicidal, shape-shifting car that runs on emissions-free supernatural power. Judging by the trailer, the killer car featured in Hybrid is not a man-eating Prius, but a sort of haunted, organic, muscle car that breathes. Does this hybrid demon-car symbolize fate paying us back for carbon emissions, killing the environment, the collapsing US auto industry, or does it just symbolize that haunted cars are totally awesome?”


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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association Meeting

imageSF EVA meetings take place at Luscious Garage the first Saturday of every month from 11-1.  Upcoming:

February 7th, 2009
11am - 1pm
Luscious Garage (click for map)

(pictured: Dale Miller, SFEVA President, Carolyn, and Marc Geller, SFEVA VP)


Coulomb Technologies “ChargePoint” - Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies will describe the ChargePoint network of electric vehicle charging stations. ChargePoint locations have been installed in San Jose and are planned for other locations worldwide. See http://www.coulombtech.com for more information.

Electric Daytona Coupe - Paul Atkinson will display and describe the electric Daytona Coupe he built. This is a replica of the 1965 Daytona Coupe designed by Carroll Shelby to compete with European racing teams. See Electric Marin Wheels for a preview.

Open discussion to get your questions about EVs, conversion, and plug-in hybrids answered.

A drawing for door prizes including a collector’s item T-shirt.

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