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Friday, November 21, 2008

Female Mechanics Calendar

imageMechanics have a reputation for having a reputation.  Though we endear them the same way we do our machines (exactly because they facilitate the continued love of these machines), the world of mechanical repair is a notoriously crude and shameful one. 

Here at Luscious, we stand in evidence of an alternative view.  We represent accountability—to the environment, to public opinion, and to the technical rigor of modern cars.  Perhaps more importantly, we represent what is possible.  Like car culture, shop culture need not be stagnant, close-minded, or one-dimensional.

imageSarah Lyon shares our optimism.  For three years she has traveled the United States, mostly alone on her motorcycle, discovering female mechanics and documenting them for the world to see.  Her chosen format—professional photographs in a 14-month calendar—challenges the stereotype of the tool-girl, pin-up media familiar to shop life as well as those operating within it. 

She also acknowledges the world of mechanics as both beautiful and meaningful.

As a female mechanic (and a subject of this year’s calendar), I feel overwhelming pride and gratitude for Lyon’s work.  She is an artist, an activist, and proof of possibility herself.

Luscious Garage is honored to carry the 2009 Female Mechanics Calendar for sale, yours for a single twenty dollar bill. (The entire Calendar series, 2007-2009, for $50).

You can also purchase online through Lyon’s website:

Sarah Lyon Photography – Calendar Project

Join us in celebrating!

2009 Female Mechanics Calendar – Release Party
Saturday December 13th, 2008, 4-7 pm
Luscious Garage

Meet the artist, view the photographs in large format on our walls, enjoy refreshments and conversation with female mechanics and their friends, and support the calendar project by taking one home.


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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turkey Week schedule

LG will be open this Monday, Nov. 24th.

LG will be closed Thursday and Friday, Nov. 27th and 28th.

The usual schedule will resume in December, opening Tuesday, Dec. 2nd.

(Pic of LG’s Thanksgiving, hybrid style: servings of Gen 1 and Gen 2 Prius transmission components, during a private class by Jack Rosebro.  Thanks Jack!)

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Al Gore is Luscious

imageIn The Climate for Change, the Op/Ed centerpiece of yesterday’s New York Times, Al Gore posits the recent election as a springboard for another “fateful choice”: how to save the human race from global warming.  Reminiscent of the call from Thomas Friedman in The Power of Green, Gore suggests that a “green” economy means to solve both the climate crisis and the economic crisis.  As the cornerstone of such an economy, he proposes a plan “to repower America with a commitment to producing 100 percent of our electricity from carbon-free sources within 10 years.”

The plan consists of five parts.  One of them? Plug-in hybridsimage

Gore writes, “We should help America’s automobile industry (not only the Big Three but the innovative new startup companies as well) to convert quickly to plug-in hybrids that can run on the renewable electricity that will be available as the rest of this plan matures.” 

Innovative new startups?  While he certainly means OEMs like Aptera and Tesla, aftermarket PHEV conversions are equally known, more established, and available now.  I couldn’t help but think Mr. Gore caught a glimpse of the article on Luscious Garage printed in the Times only four days earlier. 

“Luscious is a secular temple built to serve hybrids… But [LG’s] forte is converting them to plug-in hybrids, which are functionally all-electric cars that can go 12 to 15 miles… (If you go farther, the gasoline motor kicks back in.)”

For more on plug-in hybrids and why they make so much sense, check out the wiki

For more information on LG conversions, check out the blog


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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


What a profoundly inspiring election!  Yes, the “proof is in the pudding” but the optimism is valid and should be acknowledged and enjoyed.  In that vein we’ve added a new feature to LG’s frontage, and reviewed the rules for flag-hanging conduct.  We will take it down once we’ve stopped feeling patriotic, which is to say, hopefully never.


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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

In other news…

Luscious Garage in the New York Times, November 5th, 2008:

At Specialty Garage, Making Hybrids Even Greener via NYTimes.com

Don’t miss the multimedia feature!

“The basis of our business was to create a repair facility that departed from auto repair the same way the hybrid does from the regular car, and we do that by being green, high tech, and cutting edge.

“I started imagewrenching eight years ago and my interest in hybrids and advanced diagnostics took me out to California. I wanted to get into what I thought was the next stage for cars and specifically how they are going to apologize for their impact on the environment.

“The business model and the aspects of the business that make us green are entirely different than the dealer. So people who want a more personalized experience or who are interested in the business’s responsibility to the environment obviously would want to come here.”

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