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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


imageLuscious Garage has received a lot of press lately, as the press looks for “green” content in time for Earth Day. All the attention feels like a pat on the back, affirmation for our efforts, but an empty one nonetheless.  Luscious Garage is not “green” but simply “less brown” and this is the focus of my thoughts this Earth Day.

Jack Rosebro—top hybrid trainer, reporter for Green Car Congress, and climate scholar—visited this past weekend and we had a long talk to this extent.  He spoke in depth about the details of the latest IPCC report and really how grim our climate situation has become.  In that vein I am entertaining new ideas for reducing emissions: for the shop, for our customers, and for myself personally.  We absolutely must reduce our carbon output immediately and drastically. 

Stay tuned for announcements on future classes and shop improvements.

In celebration of Earth Day, Luscious Garage will have a booth at SoMa Whole Foods.  The festival is 12-6.  Please join us and our newly decorated “Super Prius”, a plug-in hybrid that drives gas-free six days of the week.

Most of all, have a heartfelt, healthy Earth Day.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

LG in the SF Bay Guardian

This year’s Green Issue includes a Guide to greener living with recommendations from woman-owned Eco Home Improvement to my favorite recycler ECOHAUL, as well as our fellow hybrid-lovers over at Pat’s Garage.  Check ‘em all out:

Erecycle Campaign
Eco Home Improvement
Dr. Namrata Patel
San Francisco Green Business Project
Luuuuuscious Garage!
Pat’s Garage, home of Green Gears
The Orchard Garden Hotel
EPI Center Medspa
Nepalese Paper
More Dirt
A. Maciel Printing

From the article:

“The actual act of driving isn’t the only reason having a car is hard on the environment. Maintaining it is too. But Luscious Garage is trying to help on both accounts. This woman-owned and operated facility specializes in hybrids, and runs the whole business as sustainably as possible, from the machine shop to the office. And for these luscious ladies, sustainably goes beyond chemicals and objects - they also sustain their community by hosting classes and a hybrid car club in their beautiful facility.”

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LG in AUTOWEEK magazine

imageThis week’s AutoWeek features Luscious Garage on pages 52-53, in the “REVS > Living the Automotive Lifestyle” section, between another two page spread on the Audi R8 turbodiesel (cover story) and a 2008 Mother’s Day Gift Guide “for motoring mom’s” including a Jaguar necklace and Kaenon Eden sunglasses. 

Kudos to AutoWeek for having a green issue in honor of Earth Day.  Environmentally-conscious ideals will permeate future issues, no doubt, but let’s hope it’s sooner and more often, rather than later and token.

LUSCIOUS GREEN: San Francisco shop takes earth-friendly approach to repairing hybrids


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ART IN THE SHOP: Tone Rawlings

LG welcomes Tone Rawlings and her latest experience in mixed media including fabric, skateboard, traditional canvas, digital photography, and paint.  The show continues to May 6th.

Join us for the opening and refreshments this afternoon, April 19th, from 3-5pm. 


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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Prius HID D4R D2R Headlights


Click here for the latest blog on this topic: “Prius Headlight Problem” — January 2010

Upgraded packages for 2004-2009 Prius include High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps that cast a crisper, brighter, cooler-colored light than conventional halogen bulbs.  In automotive fashion, the improved visibility is of secondary importance to the impression that the car is high tech and sporty—implying the same of the person who drives it.

For Prius owners, when one of these bulbs goes out, the prevailing notion of HIDs is that they are absurdly expensive. Dealer price for one bulb is $314.23 (as of today) and rumor has it that service departments charge an additional couple hundred dollars for the physical replacement, since the procedure calls for removing the whole front clip.  Two bulbs installed can run $900.

The Prius is a terrifically economical car, and owners are rightfully shocked by the component failure as well as the cost to repair.  The bulbs are thought to last longer (I’ve read up to 8 years), which validates their price, but try explaining that to the owner of a 2006 Prius with no headlights.  Warranty coverage varies depending on the service writer on the other side of the counter.

In true form, PriusChat has a hot thread regarding this problem.  Discussion includes class-action plans to speculations of a bad batch around MY 2006.

Prius Headlight Problem via Priuschat

imageOur purpose at Luscious Garage is to fix the problem.  After ardent research we found a direct source for OEM bulbs (Onex Brand D2R for MY 2004 and 2005, Philips Brand D4R 4300K for 2006 and up) for $94 each.  We also offer upgraded bulbs that are brighter (Onex Brand D4R 6000K) and whiter in color, upon request.  The bulbs can be changed from above, without removing anything, in a half hour.  Two bulbs installed, with tax: $266. 

Due to overwhelming response LG is now willing to ship bulbs to individuals across the country.  Email us through the contact page, including number of bulbs (1 or 2), your name, address, and phone number, and we will call you regarding payment. Price is $150/bulb including shipping.


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